Diversity in the beer market

Diversity in the beer market

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Last week, an interview with Science of Beer CEO Amanda Reitenbach ran the Internet in Brazil, including in Latin American countries. Several websites published about the subject and the interview given by Amanda. The interest of the specialized media is a very positive sign that shows how important it is for the network within each niche to work in favor of evolution.

Craft beer has its own speech and talks a lot about free will. I heard a colleague say, “Beer preach so much freedom in style, you have to be free in everything.” The truth is that there is no place to applaud attitudes that are not shown within a list of minimum human values. And it’s not just inside the beer market. Let’s open the bubble some more and put the gastronomy and all the other areas, sectors and professions? Yes! But speaking of “my garden”, where I live, craft beer still needs a lot of talk.

Many projects are being done so that women can have their space. Many projects include the diversity that has been shown to exist, not just with gender and race issues. The prejudices of our society are extensive and rooted. The moment is contemporary.

In this interview, Amanda talked about her experience as an entrepreneur and comments on the current scenario of the beer market from the perspective of women’s participation. She also highlights the challenges and perspectives of professionals working in a sector that is still predominantly male. Amanda works with many women in her company, she says “this is my manifesto to give women the beer market more opportunity and voice. Giving opportunity and voice to other women. ”

In an interview with El País newspaper, Silvia Federici, philosopher and writer, feminist activist puts an important message for us to think, “Feminism is not just about improving the situation of women, it is about creating a world without inequality, without the exploitation of human labor that case of women, it becomes a double exploitation. “(HERE)

Last year, in Farofa Magazine we made a list of prominent women’s projects in the beer market (HERE) and a list of over 100 women’s names that stand out in the gastronomy market, with names in different sectors and specialties (HERE). In 2016 the E.L.A project was created and transformed the relationship between women in the artisanal market (HERE). It is important that this network exists and that we know it has nowhere to look and seek reference. Respect for diversity makes room with good examples. We cannot give up on bringing out this much more interesting and homogeneous new reality.

Beer chat organized by Eisenbahn, Heineken’s handicraft brand in Brazil, 2019 photo: Mariana Smania Beer Talk

“Having more women in the market and having feminist movements in general also in favor of beer is extremely important for us to fight against this prejudice that is veiled and that all women who work in the sector pass or have passed. We need to talk about it, we need to shed light on the subject to understand that it is not “mimimi” (bullshit complaint), not an isolated complaint. It’s a situation that we women go through and identify, and we don’t want it to be part of any woman’s job anymore. ”Comments Amanda Reitenbach

A few days ago we had one of those famous “beer crap” where a pseudo-brewery (I say that because there is no company or official record of it) put itself in favor of being biased with a manifesto of repudiation. “The Saint Arnulf brewery is against LGBT activism and is not afraid of losing customers for it. End point ”is the phrase written and spread by prehistoric people.

These issues are troublesome and we almost never want to discuss this with other people, nor take sides, nor hear and read about it. But it is very important to deal with the discomfort and create a support network. Well, that’s what was on my mind the most after watching the chat between sommelières Priscila Colares and Beatriz Ruiz on Instagram with Stories live on the show “Monday Treta, by Pri”. They talked a lot about women’s space, about gender, about choices, about being homosexual and that within the beer market, all in the same basin. For those who think there is no chauvinism or prejudice in this narrow niche, the craft, the Craft, is because they really are not hearing women talk and complain politely about the subject, at times.

via Unsplash, Paloma A. (here)

This week at the World Cup of Beer Sommeliers that took place in Italy, with a perfect presentation, was crowned champion, Elisa Raus of Germany, breaking the male monopoly in the competition. Cilene Saorin, an important representative of the Brazilian beer market, made a beautiful speech at the event to present the name of the winner. Results like this bring a point of light and show that it is important to dedicate ourselves, study and show that competence is above gender and prejudice.

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