Brazil forced me to be sommelier

Brazil forced me to be sommelier

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The phrase “Brazil forces me to drink” is repeated daily in social media outside. It is not easy to bear the title of Brazilian with so much bad news and difficulties that we have in the routine of experiencing a country still evolving with small steps. It is easy to celebrate small victories, a birth, a recognition, a friendship and a love.

The drink, the alcohol, is the breath of the worker. It relaxes after a difficult day, frees us from some feelings, transcends the observations of real life and undresses art. This happens for millennia, it is a trophy, an object of pleasure, a gift, an invitation, a crutch, an anchor or a poison.

Brazil forced me to be sommelier. I live thinking about my purpose as a professional in the liquid sector. Tom Standage is an English writer and has the book “History of the world in 6 cups”, so chapter 1 has a phrase that I always bring to the fore. I think our bodies are usually looking for some forms of survival, albeit in an archaic way. Tom says:


Beer, which today is my “bread bake” (look how witty this is) is also a way for people to survive their routines of joys and sorrows. Kill the thirst that kills them. Therefore, to gain self-purpose, I have to do it in a way that is not our poison.

I’m a sommelier. I follow philosophies that I believe, I think of measures that may not serve everyone. I look forward to coming out of the pots, recipes that pack my speech. From the hand of the brewers, from the life of the yeasts, from the results of the mixtures of the ingredients. It was not enough to quench thirst. Humans seek pleasure and joy in combinations and consequences. Moreover, over the millennia we have become scientists at headquarters.

By teaching people about beer, talking about flavors, textures, sensations and experiences, I hope to make the moment they drink, more than just survival. Evolution and consciousness go together, even in the wake of a difficult day, where the paper and the conversation are heavier than bad food for the stomach.

Do not drink too much, I tell you, morning with pleasure one more day. Do not take bad things I say, enjoy every moment. There is a lot of choice; I tell you, do not live at the mercy of invisible walls. Sour the life, I offer, trust that some acidity brings balance. Bite your mouth, come across simple and sensory challenges, it is my advice.

I’m a sommelier. The challenge today is to make drink and encouragement, transforming experiences for good, social and personal. Serve well to serve ever. Cheers.

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